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If you’re looking for everything Playstation, you’ve come to the right place. Digital Trends offers the latest news, reviews, and guides to help you navigate the epic PlayStation universe. Whether you’re looking for information on the PS5 or just some suggestions to play on your old PS4, we’ve got you covered.

The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

This PS5 Pro leak reveals a massive jump in performance

It is expected that the new PS5 Pro could launch later this year, offering up to three times improvement in performance.
The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

The 5 best HDMI cables for PS5 in 2024

White PS4 under white DualShock 4 controller.

How to factory reset a PS4 to fix issues or for resale

An Elden Ring player sits on their horse and looks out at a castle ahead.

Elden Ring: How to find and use Rune Arcs

final fantasy vii rebirth ending analysis 7 tifa aerith cloud

When will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth be on PC?

PlayStation VR2 headset on blue background.

PlayStation VR2 production reportedly paused by Sony

The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

Quick! This PS5 bundle just got an unprecedented price cut

Playstation 5 with a controller.

Does PlayStation 5 have a web browser?

The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

Over 380 PS5 games are discounted at Amazon — from $10

Playstation 5 with a controller.

How to gameshare on the PS5

A red and blue PS5 stands on a table with matching controllers.

How to connect a PS5 controller to a PC without a dongle

The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

How to adjust the PS5’s beep sound

A DualSense and DualSense Edge sit on a table together.

New PS5 update makes the DualSense’s mic and speaker even better

The latest PS5 update makes both the DualSense and Share Screen viewer experience better.
Playstation 4 Controller

How to sync a PS4 controller to pair it with a console or device

For owners of a PS4 or PS4 Pro system, syncing your controllers shouldn’t be an issue, but we’re here with our guide to clear up any confusion you might have.
Fortnite how to earn V-Bucks

Can you get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

V-Bucks are the key to flair in Fortnite. You can always purchase V-Buck bundles through the store, but here's how you can earn them for free.
Rise of the Ronin's character on a horse.

Rise of the Ronin is a grab bag of gaming’s greatest hits

Rise of the Ronin ties together several modern design inspirations, from Zelda to FromSoftware.
A person plays Crash Bandicoot using a PS5 DualSense controller.

The best games on PlayStation Plus, Extra, and Premium

To get the most bang for your buck, here are the best games to play on PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium.
Thunderbolt of Zeus

How to get the Thunderbolt of Zeus in Fortnite

The Thunderbolt of Zeus lets you rise into the air and hurl lightning bolts at foes below you. Here's everything you need to know about this thundrous item.
Wings of Icarus

How to get Wings of Icarus in Fortnite

Fortnite has added the ability for you to equip some very famous wings that let you soar through the sky and divebomb your foes. Here's what you need to know.
PS5 with SSD

How to add an internal SSD to a PS5

If you're not feeling particularly happy with the limited amount of storage on your PlayStation 5, you can always add an additional internal SSD. Here's how.
The LG C3 OLED on a TV stand.

Best gaming TVs of 2024 for Xbox Series X, PS5, and more

Resolution, HDR, and frame rate are just some of the important criteria to consider when buying a TV for gaming. Here’s six of our favorite models for 2024.
Fort Condor characters

Don’t skip over our 5 favorite minigames in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a treasure trove of minigames for Cloud and company to take on during their journey. These are our favorites.
A PlayStation Portal plays Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

PlayStation Portal restocks — Can you buy the console today?

The PlayStation Portal is tough to track down so we're on hand to help you find stock quickly.
PlayStation 5 controller and PS5.

PS4 vs. PS5: which console should you buy in 2024?

The PS5 is the successor to Sony's iconic PS4. It makes big upgrades to nearly all aspects of the console, but is PS4 or PS5 a smarter purchase in 2024?
Living room with Microsoft Xbox Series X (L) and Sony PlayStation 5 home video game consoles alongside a television and soundbar.

Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Which should you buy in 2024?

Microsoft and Sony have made two amazing consoles, but which is best for your gaming needs? We put the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 side by side to find out.
Key art for Akka Arrh shows psychedelic images.

You need to try PlayStation VR2’s most psychedelic game yet

If you need a good reason to dust off your PlayStation VR2, you'll want to check out the psychedelic Akka Arrh.
A PS5 standing on a table, with purple lights around it.

PS5 vs. PC: Which is the better buy for gaming in 2024?

The PS5 is a remarkable console, but does it hold up to PC? We've tested both extensively, and here's what we think.
Pirate Chest

All pirate relic locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Late in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is an objective that sends you across the open oceans in search of pieces of a treasure. Here are all four locations.
The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

How to transfer data from your PS4 to PS5

Are you wondering how to transfer data from your PS4 to PS5? Follow this guide to move everything over to your brand new system, even from extended storage.
Cait Sith dances in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

The best materia combos in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Linking materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can create some combinations that completely alter your power and survivability. Here's the best materia to link.
Dragon's Dogma 2 key art featuring a knight with a fiery hole in their chest.

All upcoming PS5 games: 2024 and beyond

There are plenty of upcoming PlayStation 5 games to look forward to, and here we highlight the system's most anticipated titles.
The PlayStation Studios logo in black and white.

PlayStation lays off 900 people and shuts down London Studio

Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to lay off about 900 game developers and shut down PlayStation VR Worlds' London Studio.
The left and right Apple AirPods Pro 2 lying on a table.

How to connect AirPods to PS5

You may have initially purchased your AirPods to work with all of your various Apple devices, but did you know they can also be used on PS5? Here's how.
A person holds up a PS5 controller.

How to fix joystick drift on a PS5 controller

If you're noticing issues with your DualSense joysticks, there are a few methods you can try to repair it yourself. Here's how to fix joystick drift on PS5.

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