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Step inside the future of connected living – and explore today’s most over the top and technologically advanced digs. From the kitchen to the backyard and everything in between, we’ve got an all access pass to some of the world’s most advanced addresses. Whether its virtual home theaters or your very own robot assistant….These homes aren’t just smart, they’re genius.

A grassy backyard that has a life-sized chess game.

Inside a high-tech Hollywood home where everything is hidden

In this episode of Genius Home, we take you on a tour of a high-end Hollywood hills home full of secret rooms, hidden fixtures, and subtle sophistication.
Exterior shot of the 5th home in our Genius Home series.

This high-tech hillside home brings the outdoors inside

In episode 5 of Genius Home, our hosts Ariana Escalante and Caleb Denison take us on a tour of a hillside hangout that's stuffed with subtle tech touches
Exterior view of Genius Home's fourth featured home.

This Malibu mansion is a perfect mix of tech and tranquility

In this episode of Genius Home, our hosts tour a villa that sneakily hides its smart home tech to create a wonderfully calm and meditative space
genius home episode 3 geniushome episode03 outside 2

Inside a modern mansion full of art, automation, and open air

In this episode of Home Genius, our hosts tour an art-packed party pad that's designed to handle common household chores autonomously.
genius home episode 2 geniushome ep2 still 11

Step inside a stylish, self-sustaining California villa

In this episode of Genius Home, our hosts take us on a tour of a home that's not only smart and automated, but also completely self-sustaining
Woman connecting to Kidde Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Wi-Fi Alarm with smart features on phone.

Kidde’s Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm offers connected protection for less

Home Depot's new Kidde WiFi smart alarm isn't the only smart home device like it, but it costs way less than its competition. Here's what's included.
Discussing install of Kidde Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Wi-Fi Alarm.

Why you need Kidde’s New Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Wi-Fi Alarm with smart features

Home Depot just launched its Kidde WiFi smart alarm. Here's everything you need to know about it and why you might want one for your smart home.
Family using Kidde mobile app.

Home Depot’s new Kidde Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Wi-Fi alarm is made for your smart home

Home Depot just launched a new smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm called the Kidde Smart Alarm. Here's why it's perfect for your smart home!