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Robot Vacuums


Put your upright vacuum out with the trash and invest in a robot vacuum — a small little robot that uses an array of sensors and mapping technology to navigate around a room, avoiding obstacles, removing dirt and removing from carpets, hardwood floors, and other surfaces.

iRobot Roomba 694 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum cleaning up spilled cereal.

Robot vacuum deals: Roomba, Shark, eufy and more

Are you on the hunt for robot vacuum deals? Take a look at the discounts we've discovered for robot vacuums by iRobot's Roomba, Shark, Anker's Eufy, and more.
the only robot vacuums worthyour attention today prime day 2020 roomba i7

How to reboot and factory reset a Roomba vacuum

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum cleaning a foyer.

Get this Roomba robot vacuum for $160 instead of the usual $275

The Narwal Freo X Ultra working in a living room.

How to empty the Narwal Freo X Ultra dustbin

Narwal Freo X Ultra with dock in home

Narwal Freo X Ultra review: shaking up the robot vacuum formula

Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control mapping a room.

Fun fact: Samsung makes robot vacuums, and this one is $200 off

Roomba near a sofa.

iRobot sale: Roomba robot vacuums and robot mops from $180

Shark ION Robot vacuum cleaning. cleaning tile

How to fix a Shark robot vacuum that’s not charging

iRobot Roomba i3 Plus cleaning a wooden floor.

Roomba not connecting to Wi-Fi? Here’s how to fix it

The Dyson V15 in use.

The 7 best vacuums for pet hair from Dyson, Shark, and more

The Dolphin Premier on top of pool water.

The best pool robot vacuums

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum.

Best Roomba deals: Top robot vacuums from as little as $160

The Eureka Wash Bot installed in a laundry room.

This 4-in-1 washing machine combo from Eureka cleans almost everything in your home

The Eureka Dual Washing Bot serves as both a washer and dryer, while also housing a robot vacuum that cleans and mops your floors.
A view of the bottom of the Eureka J20 robot vacuum.

Eureka shows off an innovative robot vacuum with a belt mopping system at CES 2024

The Eureka J20 features an impressive new belt mopping system, which is a big departure from the mopping plates and rotating pads seen on most products in 2023.
The Eufy X10 Pro Omni in a living room.

Eufy shows off four security cameras and an upcoming robot vacuum

Eufy showed off the X10 Pro Omni robot vacuum at CES 2024, which offers many of the features seen on more expensive robots for a fraction of the price.
The Ecovacs X2 Combo installed in a home.

Ecovacs upgrades the X2 Omni robot vacuum with a cordless vacuum attachment

Along with the new robot vacuum, Ecovacs revealed a robotic window cleaner, robot lawn mower, and an air purifier at CES 2024. Here's a look at the highlights.
The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra placed in its dock.

Roborock shows off highly automated robot vacuums at CES 2024

Revealed during CES 2024, the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra can connect to your drain and water lines to automatically refill and empty its water tanks.
The Narwal Freo X Ultra working in a living room.

Narwal’s ‘hairodynamic’ robot mops debut at CES 2024

Narwal revealed two robot mops at CES 2024, both of which offer impressive suction, large dustbins, and a design that prevents hair from tangling its brushes.
A robot vacuum by Eufy that offers home mapping and 2,000 Pa suction.

The best robot vacuums for 2024

Robot vacuums are a convenient way to clean your home, free your hands, and minimize the weekly chore list. Here are the best robot vacuums of 2024.
iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550) Robot Vacuum and Braava jet m6 (6113) Robot Mop bundle showing all three major elements in a hallway.

Cordless vs. robot vacuums: which one should you buy?

Choosing between a cordless vacuum and robot vacuum isn't an easy decision. Here's a look at the advantages of both types of products to help you decide.
The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra in its dock.

iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ vs. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra: Which is the better robot vacuum?

The iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ and Roborock S8 Pro Ultra can both vacuum and mop your home, but which is the better choice? Here's everything you need to know.
irobot roomba combo j9 plus review feature

iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ review: a tale of two robots

The iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ uses an innovative swinging mop arm to keep carpets dry, but it stumbles on basic features you'd expect from a robot this expensive.
iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum.

How to map a house with the iRobot Roomba

Wondering just what smart mapping can do for your home when you get a vacuum robot like the iRobot Roomba? Here's how it works and how to use mapping.
iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ smart vacuum and mop near kids and pets

How to clean the bin and filter on the Roomba Combo j9+

Cleaning the bin and filter on the iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ is an important part of regular maintenance. Here's a comprehensive look at what it entails.
The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra in its dock.

Save a ridiculous $400 on Roborock S8 Pro Ultra for Black Friday

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and its amazing dock are on sale at a huge discount for Black Friday. You do not want to miss this.
Roborock Q Revo cleaning near child

Best price yet: Get $220 off Roborock’s Q Revo vacuum and auto-drying mop today

Get the Roborock Q Revo vacuum and mop combo with a smart dock for the best price ever during the Black Friday and Cyber Week deals.
A person holding the SwitchBot K10+ robot vacuum.

The SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ is designed for cramped rooms and tight spaces

The SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ might not be as large as the competition, but it's not lacking in premium features. Here's a look at the quirky robot.
iRobot Roomba j7 plus 7550 robot vacuum in charging dock by entryway.

How often should you replace your robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums are designed to last for several years, though their longevity relies on regular maintenance. Here's how often you should think about upgrading.
A Narwal robot vacuum sits on a living room carpet.

The Narwal Freo robot vac cleans so carefully, you’ll want to leave a tip

The Narwal Freo may be slow, but it does an incredible job vacuuming and mopping, if you're willing to keep an eye on it.
The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni cleaning hardwood floors.

How to fix a robot vacuum that stops moving

There are several reasons your robot vacuum might not be moving. From checking its wheels to updating its software, here are all the ways to fix the problem.
The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra cleaning up pet fur.

Roomba vs. Roborock: Which smart vacuum is better?

Roomba and Roborock robot vacuums are both popular options for automated cleaning around the home, but which is the best? Here's how they compare.
The iRobot j9+ cleaning a floor and retracting its mop.

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni vs. iRobot Roomba Combo j9+: Which premium robot vacuum is best?

If you're looking for a premium robot vacuum and mop combo, the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni and iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ fit the bill. But which is best?
The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra in a kitchen.

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni vs. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra: Which is the best robot vacuum?

It's impossible to go wrong with either the Ecovacs X2 Omni or Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, but is one better for your smart home than the other? Here's what to know.
The X2 Omni dock up against a wall.

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni vs. Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni: Is the new X2 Omni worth it?

The Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni is a better robot vacuum than the Deebot T20 Omni, but does it justify its hefty price tag? Here's what you need to know.

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