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A blood-splattered Kristen Stewart sits against a door in Love Lies Bleeding.

Love Lies Bleeding review: The gnarliest crime story of the year

Love Lies Bleeding is a crime thriller that wants you to believe in the full, horrifying power of love. The Kristen Stewart-led film is now playing in theaters.
Millie Bobby Brown holds a small lantern in Damsel.

Damsel review: Netflix’s latest fantasy adventure is a trip worth taking

Adam Sandler wears a spacesuit in Spaceman.

Spaceman review: a moody sci-fi drama that comes up short

Timothée Chalamet gazes upon a distant explosion in a still from Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two review: a beautifully numbing sci-fi epic

Hiroyuki Sanada wears samurai armor in a promotional image for Shōgun.

Shōgun review: 2024’s first great show is an epic, Game of Thrones-style drama

Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan peer around a corner in a still from Drive Away Dolls

Drive-Away Dolls review: a wacky Coens caper, minus a Coen

Aang stands with Sokka and Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar: The Last Airbender review: a serviceable adaptation

4 women stand on a city street in Madame Web.

Madame Web review: the worst movie of 2024 so far

Mads Mikkelsen stands near a burning field in The Promised Land.

The Promised Land review: an immersive historical epic

Bryce Dallas Howard stands behind a gun-wielding Sam Rockwell in Argylle.

Argylle review: a lackluster, cartoonish spy comedy

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine drag a man with a bag over his head together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith review: an entertaining blend of spies, action, and romance

Austin Butler stands near a WWII plane in Masters of the Air.

Masters of the Air review: a sturdy and thrilling WWII drama

Margaret stands on a Hong Kong street at night in Expats.

Expats review: a melodramatic, laborious misfire

As a follow-up to The Farewell, Lulu Wang's Expats is a colossal disappointment — and an undeniable misfire for everyone involved.
Izi sits on his motorcycle in front of Benji in The Kitchen.

The Kitchen review: an earnest dystopian sci-fi drama

The Kitchen is a moving dystopian sci-fi drama and an exciting debut from first-time director Daniel Kaluuya. It's streaming now on Netflix.
Kali Reis and Jodie Foster hold flashlights in True Detective: Night Country.

True Detective: Night Country review: a gripping crime thriller

True Detective: Night Country is an immersive, surprisingly scary continuation of the HBO crime anthology series. It premieres Sunday, January 14 on HBO.
Jason Statham broods in a still from The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper review: an awful, hilarious Jason Statham action movie

Jason Statham is hilariously nonchalant in the dreadful but sometimes funny John Wick wannabe The Beekeeper.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Kevin Hart walk together in Lift.

Lift review: An unpolished Netflix heist thriller

Lift has seemingly everything it needs to work, but it just doesn't. The new, Kevin Hart-led heist thriller is streaming now on Netflix.
Maya Lopez sits in the back of a truck in Echo.

Echo review: An imperfect success

Marvel's Echo isn't the franchise-saving vehicle that the MCU needs right now, but it also isn't an unwatchable disaster.
Amélie Hoeferle swims in a pool in Night Swim.

Night Swim review: a forgettable dip in the shallow end

Night Swim is an occasionally scary, but ultimately unremarkable horror exercise. It's now playing in theaters.
Enzo Vogrincic Roldán sits in the snow in a still from Society of the Snow

Society of the Snow review: Alive gets a dreary Netflix makeover

Though less hokey than the 1993 film Alive, this new Netflix movie similarly fails to get big drama out of the harrowing true of the Andes flight disaster.
Jason Momoa wears his Aquaman armor in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom review: a sequel that flounders and soars

James Wan's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a gaudy, trashy slice of pure comic book spectacle. It is now playing in theaters.
The Von Erich brothers sit on a fence together in The Iron Claw.

The Iron Claw review: A restrained, sobering sports drama

A24's The Iron Claw is a deeply felt, heartrending sports drama.
Sofia Boutella strikes a cool pose with a stick against a pretty landscape in a still from Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire.

Rebel Moon review: A glum Star Wars ripoff from Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder realizes his vision of 'Seven Samurai with Jedis' with Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, a glum, unsatisfying sci-fi epic on Netflix.
Annabeth, Grover, and Percy stand together in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians review: an ambitious, charming YA fantasy series

Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the Rick Riordan adaptation that fans have been waiting for.
Timothée Chalamet holds a cane in Wonka.

Wonka review: a sweet, satisfying musical prequel

Wonka is a pleasantly sweet, surprisingly worthwhile prequel. The Timothée Chalamet-led film is now playing in theaters.
Emma Stone stands in front of Ramy Youssef in a still from Poor Things

Poor Things review: Emma Stone shines in a Frankensteinian sex comedy

Emma Stone reunites with the director of The Favourite for an even stranger comedy, the captivating feminist Frankenstein story Poor Things.
Mahershala Ali, Myha'la, Ethan Hawke, and Julia Roberts stand together in Leave the World Behind.

Leave the World Behind review: a subversive disaster thriller

Leave the World Behind is a subversive, entertaining thriller. The Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, and Ethan Hawke-led film premieres December 8 on Netflix.
Joaquin Phoenix holds a spyglass in Napoleon.

Napoleon review: a thrilling, hilarious historical epic

Anchored by Joaquin Phoenix's unforgettable lead performance, Ridley Scott's Napoleon is a thrilling, shockingly funny historical epic.
A masked killer holds an axe in Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving review: a gruesome, cutthroat horror comedy

Eli Roth's Thanksgiving is a gloriously violent, fun horror comedy. It's now playing in theaters nationwide.
Coriolanus Snow and Lucy Gray stand near a fence in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes review: a worthwhile prequel

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes is an entertaining, overlong prequel. It's now playing in theaters nationwide.
Nicolas Cage stands near a spray-painted car in Dream Scenario.

Dream Scenario review: a one-note nightmare comedy

A24's new Nicolas Cage film, Dream Scenario, is a quirky and original but ultimately shallow nightmare comedy.
Iman Vellani, Brie Larson, and Teyonah Parris look offscreen at something.

The Marvels review: the MCU’s shortest film is its biggest mess

Captain Marvel teams up with two Disney+ B-listers for the surprisingly shoddy MCU adventure The Marvels.
A man sits on a plane in The Killer.

The Killer review: David Fincher stylishly roasts himself

Michael Fassbender plays a dispassionate assassin in The Killer, an ultra-stylish and sneakily funny new thriller from David Fincher.
Mizu faces the Four Fangs in Blue Eye Samurai.

Blue Eye Samurai review: The best animated show of 2023

Netflix's Blue Eye Samurai is an ultraviolent, awe-inspiring triumph — and the best animated TV show of the year.

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