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In the new global economy, technology is intrinsically tied with business. We show you how tech is shaping the marketplace.

Good Morning GIF in Slack on a laptop.

How your boss can spy on you with Slack, Zoom, and Teams

Worried about your boss spying on you through remote work apps like Slack, Zoom, or Teams? Here's what your company can see through popular apps like these.
Undetectable Mouse Mover at a computer.

What are mouse jigglers, and can they keep statuses active?

best VPN services

The 18 best VPN services for 2024, reviewed by experts

Man working at a desk at home.

How to increase your internet speed in 7 easy steps

Turbotax on smartphone

The 5 best tax software suites for individuals in 2024

asus chromebook c523 amazon deals lifestyle

The most common Google Meet problems and how to fix them

The best business laptops from Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and more

A close-up of someone's hands as the person sits on a couch and types on a laptop.

The best free antivirus software for 2023

how to clean up your keywords and refresh seo strategy semrush logo feature image large

Semrush Free Trial: Try the advanced online marketing tool

Squarespace Courses will allow entrepreneurs to create online learning solutions

Squarespace Courses: Empowering the next-generation of creative entrepreneurs

A customer relationship management diagram.

Best Salesforce alternatives 2023: 7 other CRM tools worth trying

Filmora at VidCon 2023: YouTube Creators Embrace AI for Future Video Content

ZipRecruiter Job Board Lifestyle Post

How to hire remote workers

Being able to recruit workers remotely is a great way to get the absolute best candidate for your company. Here's how to hire remote workers well.
man having work chat from home office with colleagues on screen.

Mobile-first: Empower virtual workers with Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams

A remote workforce needs a mobile chat for virtual work, and Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams is one of the best solutions for that. Here's why.
Working on computer lifestyle image

Hiring managers need to see this: tips to hire top talent in your sector

The process to hire a talented worker can be confusing and daunting. Luckily, ZipRecruiter can help you out no matter your level of expertise.
Coding on a Mac using virtual machines via VMWare Fusion Pro.

It’s time to consider virtual machines: VMware’s Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro

For running virtual machines, whether on Windows, Linux, or Mac, the best option is VMware's Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro tools. Learn more here.
ZipRecruiter job interview in progress

How to post a job on Google and hire the best candidates

Looking to reach out to the most candidates at once? Here's how to post a job on Google by signing up to some of the best job search sites.
Hiring handshake best hiring apps for recruiters

The Best Hiring Apps for Recruiters

When talking about the best hiring apps, there's a difference between apps for hiring managers and hiring apps for recruiters. Learn all about the best here.
Close up view of a zipper on an Asus ROG Nomad V2 backpack.

The best 17-inch laptop bags and backpacks for 2023

Looking for extra-large laptop bags for your 17-inch gaming or professional laptop? We have you covered. Here are our favorite laptop bags with extra room.
ZipRecruiter Job Board Lifestyle Post

Need Help? These Are the Best places to hire people online

Your business deserves the best employees. Here's a look at the best places to hire people online to help improve the recruit process for you.
For hire sign used by small businesses on hiring platforms to find top-tier talent.

Find exceptional talent: the best hiring platforms for small businesses

Small business hiring platforms make it easy to find, secure, and engage with top-tier talents, so it helps to know the best hiring platforms you can use.
Tech Center at Birmingham, Hermle using autodesk software to design.

It’s time to get creative: Get up to 20% off Autodesk software with this deal

This Autodesk software deal helps you save big on its design and architecting tools like AutoCAD. Don't miss out if you need access.
A business owner using QuickBooks Online on a laptop.

Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Business Taxes with QuickBooks Online

Did you know that you can eliminate the stress from business tax management with QuickBooks Online and its suite of anywhere-access finance tools? Learn more.
A laptop sits open with Quickbooks software running on the screen.

Get tax-ready with QuickBooks: Save 50% on your first 3 months

Tax season is upon us, but don't fret, Intuit's QuickBooks Online can help you get everything in order for your business, and it's on sale. Learn about it here
password management image from Unsplash

If You Own a Business, Here’s Why You Should Be Using 1Password

One of the most highly recommended comprehensive password management systems comes from 1Password. They've been around since 2005 and are as secure as ever.
Intuit helping construction business

No W-2s? 2023 is the year of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is providing better help than ever this year for businesses and entrepreneurs with the 'Free Guided Setup' program. Plus, get up to 50% off!
A business owner using QuickBooks Online on a tablet.

How QuickBooks Online can help your business do 2023 right

QuickBooks Online is the surest way to get your company's bookkeeping off on the right foot for 2023. For the new year, you can sign up now and take 50% off.
ZipRecruiter job interview in progress

10 tips to help you find a new tech role even if you already have a job

Before you begin a search to find a new tech role or opportunity, there are some things you should prepare. This guide offers the tips you need to get hired.
A woman using QuickBooks software on a laptop.

Start your business on the right foot with QuickBooks Online

If you're starting or managing a young business, QuickBooks has all the tools you need to do it right. For a limited time, you can sign up for 70% off.
Person using Libreoffice on laptop.

What is LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is an open-source document editor packed with features for writers, presenters, coders, and many others. Here's everything you need to know.
Dashlane password manager for better security.

Dashlane will secure and change your online experiences for the better

Dashlane is a password manager and online companion that completely changes how you log in to accounts and secure data. It's for individuals and businesses.
A video call in Microsoft Teams is displayed on a laptop.

How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

Knowing how to record a Microsoft Teams meeting can be super useful if you want to go back over what you've talked about. Here's how to do it.
Example of Teams chat.

How to create a new team in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to organize your group based on different teams for different projects. Here's how to create and customize those Teams quickly!
Microsoft Teams in Together mode on a laptop.

How to leave a team on Microsoft Teams

Is it time for you to leave Microsoft Teams or switch to a new team due to changes? Here's how you can quickly leave an old team and what happens to your info.

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