Workshops to educate young and old about oral hygiene

Take care of your mouth and your teeth to prevent cavities, but not just offspring. The mouth can be the seat of multiple infections and lesions sometimes serious and much less known. To raise awareness among children and adults about oral hygiene, prevention workshops have been organized since 2012 by the French Oral Health Union.

Brushing every day, morning, noon and night, is a good habit to take as soon as possible. This is the goal of sensitization sessions led by volunteer dentists. ” The themes are first the dental hygiene : at what times you have to brush your teeth and how to brush is then mentions the fact. Control diet Finally, it discusses. Regular visits to the dentist even when you do not hurt, “says Dr. Hélène Chollet, dentist.

These tips are not only for children. Parents are also involved in these awareness workshops . It is not so easy to convey the importance of oral hygiene . To check that the messages are well past, the animators organize small games to take stock. 

After the collective education, the children benefit from a consultation for a screening . Sometimes this is the first encounter with a dentist. The opportunity to advise children to take good care of their teeth. No care is practiced on site but the practitioner notes on a sheet the state of oral health . If necessary, a letter is sent to the parents.

Dr. Chollet stresses the importance of this prevention: ” Prevention will prevent us from carious problems , a deterioration of oral health that can also lead to health problems in general “. In 2015, more than 350 children and parents benefited from these workshops.

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