Make your children aware of the health of their teeth

For many parents, convincing their children to brush their teeth regularly and floss their teeth is an everyday struggle. Here’s how to go about it.

How to convince your child that he must take care of his teeth

Many children do not like brushing their teeth. According to dentists, they do not use the toothbrush or floss often enough, and they do not do it properly or spontaneously.

Start early

Brushing and flossing should be a habit and not a chore. It is therefore important to instill in your child. Even before the first tooth appears, you should get into the habit of wiping your gums with a wet gauze or baby washcloth. You teach him that taking care of his mouth is natural.

Give the example

“In general, children do not brush their teeth properly. That’s good for kids as well as those who are already in school, “says Dr. Sarah Hulland, a Calgary children’s dentist. “They do not know how to do a good job and also lack coordination.” They also brush only the tips of the teeth, away from the gums. In this case, you have to brush his teeth or help him by taking his hand. Do not hesitate to brush your teeth in front of him, or do it at the same time. This will give you a good example.

Set goals

You can use a calendar to track your child daily and reward attendance. According to Gary Elman, a dentist in Toronto, this is a concrete way to remind him of what he has to do, to encourage him, and to instill in him a sense of responsibility.

Make it nice

Here are some items that will help your child take care of his teeth while having fun: a toothbrush decorated with his favorite cartoon character, a battery-powered toothbrush and a tasty toothpaste. Make sure, however, that he uses a small-headed toothbrush to allow him to reach all areas of his mouth.

Be diligent with your turn

Over time, children can lose their healthy habits. To prevent this, regularly check the condition of your toothbrush, as well as the amount of toothpaste and floss used. If he has abandoned his habits, encourage him to take them back. “If you want to see an instant change in behavior,” says Dr. Sarah Hulland, “offer to help him as a child. I assure you he will resume his healthy habits in no time.

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