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Deadpool and Wolverine: Everything we know about the film formerly known as Deadpool 3

Wolverine stops to help Deadpool up...with his claws in Deadpool and Wolverine.
Marvel Studios

In retrospect, we should have suspected that Deadpool and Wolverine wouldn’t keep its most famous co-star out of the title. In 2022, Ryan Reynolds coaxed Hugh Jackman into reprising his role as Wolverine for the first time since 2017’s Logan. Once that happened, the name Deadpool 3 didn’t fully convey how monumental this film would be.

So Marvel Studios has officially retitled it as Deadpool and Wolverine. Jackman has also humorously rebranded the film as Wolverine and [expletive], which would make this R-rated flick a lot harder to market!

Now that we’ve received our first look at Deadpool and Wolverine, we’re sharing what we know about the cast, release date, and the film’s plot.

Is there a trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine?

Deadpool & Wolverine | Official Teaser | In Theaters July 26

It’s more of a teaser than a full trailer, but the first footage from Deadpool and Wolverine was released during the 2024 Super Bowl. The clips feature several returning characters from the first two Deadpool movies before the title character is abducted from his home and forcibly recruited to the Time Variance Authority, the organization that made its MCU debut in Loki.

Jackman’s Wolverine doesn’t directly appear in the teaser, and he’s only briefly seen from behind. But the trailer’s closing moments show off a good idea of how the title characters will respond to each other when Wolverine pops his claws to “help” Deadpool get up.

Shortly after the trailer dropped, Marvel also released the first poster for the film.

The official poster for Deadpool and Wolverine.
Marvel Studios

When does Deadpool and Wolverine come out?

Deadpool crosses his arms as he's about to jump out of the back of an airplane.
20th Century Fox

Filming for Deadpool and Wolverine began in May 2023 before coming to a halt in July due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. It resumed production in November 2023, and it’s now set to meet its July 26, 2024 release date.

At long last, Reynolds announced that filming for this threequel has wrapped with the suggestive Instagram post below:

One can’t help but shed a tear seeing this. This is certainly a heartfelt conclusion for those involved in the production, especially given the challenges they faced to make this film.

Previously, Deadpool and Wolverine had been scheduled for fall 2024 before moving up to May 3, 2024, in June 2023, a month before the actors’ strike began. Finally, in early November, days before the actors’ strike ended, Disney moved Deadpool and Wolverine to its current release date, allowing the team more time to finish the film.

Who is in Deadpool and Wolverine?

Brianna Hildebrand and Ryan Reynolds as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Deadpool next to a CGI Colossus in Deadpool
Image via 20th Century Studios

Reynolds is obviously coming back as the Merc with a Mouth. In September 2022, Reynolds announced that Jackman was returning as Wolverine for the threequel, even though that character died in 2017’s Logan. The video caused a stir among fans and immediately cemented the film as one of Marvel’s hottest upcoming movies.

Joining Reynolds and Jackman are The Crown’s Emma Corrin, who will play a major villain confirmed to be Cassandra Nova, and Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen as a “third wheel” character to Deadpool and Wolverine. Returning actors from the franchise’s previous entries include Morena Baccarin and Stefan Kapicic as Vanessa and the voice of Colossus, respectively, and Brianna Hildebrand and Shioli Kutsuna as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio respectively. Rob Delaney, who appeared in Deadpool 2 as Peter, X-Force’s only human member, is also set to return.

In July 2023, it was reported that Jennifer Garner would play Elektra again in Deadpool and Wolverine, although the actress denied the rumor during interviews for her Netflix movie Family Switch. Leaked set photos from December 2023 hint that the characters Sabretooth and Toad will return for the film, although it’s still unknown if X-Men’s Tyler Maine and Ray Park will return to play them, respectively. However, Aaron Stanford does reprise his role as Pyro in the film’s trailer, so it seems likely audiences will see him with the rest of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

For those hoping to see Vinnie Jones reprise his role as the supervillain Juggernaut from X-Men: The Last Stand, there is some unfortunate news. Jones claims to have turned down Marvel’s offer to play Juggernaut again due to the “mental toll” he suffered from wearing his helmet-heavy costume in The Last Stand.

Are other X-Men going to appear in Deadpool and Wolverine? And what about that Taylor Swift rumor?

The X-Men pose in X2.
20th Century Fox

Karan Soni, who plays Deadpool’s friend and chauffeur, Dopinder, teased that there will be many surprise cameos in the film. “Let’s just say a lot of people traveled to London,” he said. While the studio has been good at keeping these big secrets, rumors have stated that Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellen will return to play the Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Professor X, and Magneto, respectively.

Not only that, Channing Tatum is rumored to appear in the film as the fan-favorite mutant Gambit, a role he previously was to play in the character’s canceled solo film. Likewise, Taylor Swift has allegedly signed up to play either the singing hero Dazzler or Lady Deadpool, a variant of the Merc With a Mouth. If these rumors are true, this threequel is looking to be the most star-studded superhero film since Avengers: Endgame.

What is Deadpool and Wolverine about?

The logo for Deadpool 3.
Marvel Studios

We still don’t know the plot details about Deadpool and Wolverine. The film is meant to be the Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU, with writer Rhett Reese describing it as a “fish-out-of-water” situation where they’re dropping “a lunatic into a very sane world.” Fans have long wondered how Reynolds’ wisecracking, vulgar, fourth-wall-breaking mercenary would fit into the MCU, and by the looks of it, Deadpool and Wolverine will have a ball with the possibilities.

Based on leaked photos and cast confirmations, it is safe to assume that Deadpool and Wolverine will be a multiverse story. By the looks of it, it seems it will effectively work as the closing chapter of the Fox-Marvel universe, allowing the previous iteration of the X-Men one last moment in the spotlight. In early November 2023, Reynolds confirmed that the character Dogpool would appear in the film, solidifying the multiverse theory.

As mentioned, the main theory is that Corrin’s villain will be Cassandra Nova, a parasitic life form tied to X-Men leader Charles Xavier. Nova is infamous for being one of the team’s most powerful enemies, making her an ideal antagonist for Deadpool’s third movie.

How is Logan back? Is this movie set in the MCU?

Deadpool Update, Part Hugh

Logan’s return is still a bit of a mystery, although it seems like Deadpool and Wolverine will take a similar angle to Spider-Man: No Way Home to explain how it will bridge its many universes. Deadpool may jump through a portal and find himself interacting with the rest of the Marvel characters we know and love, and he may also find a universe where Wolverine is still alive and kicking, even though he died in Logan. When you have a multiverse, anything is suddenly possible.

Will Deadpool and Wolverine be rated R?

Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Uggams as Deadpool and Blind Al sitting on a couch with Deadpool leaning his head on Al's shoulder in Deadpool 2.
Image via 20th Century Studios

Given that Deadpool will now be part of the much more family-friendly MCU, many people are wondering whether the movie will maintain the streak of the first two films and retain its R rating. Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel head Kevin Feige have repeatedly said that the film will have an R rating, allowing for a higher level of graphic violence and profanity.

Who is directing Deadpool and Wolverine?

Deadpool 2 review
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While Tim Miller and David Leitch directed the first two installments in the franchise, the third installment will be helmed by Shawn Levy, who has already worked with Reynolds on projects like Free Guy and The Adam Project. In an interview with Collider, Levy discussed working on the project, suggesting that the film would be oriented toward an adult audience.

“We are writing, rewriting, developing, prepping ‘Deadpool‘ every day now,” he said. “It is such a blast to laugh every day.” Because the directors reached a settlement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers that prevented them from going on strike with the actors and writers, Levy was among the few key Deadpool and Wolverine figures to provide updates throughout the summer of 2023. As previously noted, Levy revealed that half the film is edited while also expressing his enthusiasm for and commitment to the film.

What’s the deal with all the leaks?

20th Century Studios

As with any high-profile movie, Deadpool and Wolverine has been the subject of numerous leaks from scoopers. From Garner’s return as Elektra to the apparent return of Sabretooth and Toad, plot details about Deadpool and Wolverine keep coming out, much to the cast and crew’s chagrin. Reynolds addressed the issue himself, posting on his Instagram stories a message about how “telephoto lenses continue to spoil surprises and create a difficult situation for everyone.”

Reynolds continued: “Here’s hoping some of the websites and social channels hold back showing images before they’re ready. The film is built for audience joy — and our highest hope is to preserve as much of that magic as possible for the finished film and the big screen. Part of the reason people post spoilers is because they’re excited. I realize these aren’t real-world issues and it’s firmly in the ‘good problems’ bucket.”

It’s highly unlikely the leaks will stop — there’s an entire industry built off them and a highly enthusiastic audience for them. However, perhaps the situation will make the creatives behind Deadpool and Wolverine and at Marvel Studios more attentive to potential spoilers.

Are fans excited for Deadpool and Wolverine?

Wade Wilson looks towards the camera in Deadpool.
20th Century Studios

Well, duh! Advanced movie ticket sale site Fandango named Deadpool and Wolverine the most anticipated movie of 2024. In fact, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger says Deadpool and Wolverine will be “one of the most successful Marvel movies [Disney has] had in a long time.”

The first two films all did solid business, but Deadpool and Wolverine is shaping up to be the trilogy’s most successful entry — might we dare imagine that it could make it to $1 billion? Joker is the only R-rated film to achieve the feat; interestingly, the sequel, Joker: Folie a Deux, is not in Fandango’s Top 10 most anticipated films for next year.

The MCU is currently in shambles, and it badly needs a win. Deadpool and Wolverine is the studio’s only major release in 2024, increasing its chances of scoring big at the box office. Coupled with the supposed cameos parade and a brutally hilarious story, Deadpool and Wolverine might very well be the biggest movie event of the year.

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