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Jackie Dove

Jackie Dove


Jackie is an obsessive, insomniac tech writer and editor in northern California. A wildlife advocate, cat fan, and photo app fanatic, her specialties include cross-platform hardware and software, art, design, photography, video, and a wide range of creative and productivity apps and systems. Formerly senior editor at Macworld and creativity editor at The Next Web, Jackie now writes for a variety of consumer tech publications.

OnePlus 5 soft gold with the phone app open.

The 10 best apps for a second phone number in 2024

Back in the old days, a mobile phone functioned as a second phone number. We compile some apps that provide extra phone lines for your current smartphone.
How to transfer photos from an iPhone to an iPhone

How to remove location data from your iPhone photos

When you take a picture with your iPhone, chances are it's saving your location data with each photo. What if you want to remove this info?
Someone holding the iPhone 15 Pro Max outside.

How to control notification badges on your iPhone and iPad

Your iPhone and iPad offer several notification styles that keep you up to date on your work and home life. We show you how to remove the red badge counter.
OtterBox OtterGrip case front of iPhone 14 Pro

The best iPhone 14 Pro cases: 20 best ones in 2024

Your iPhone 14 Pro is a big, beautiful hunk of metal and glass. Be sure to protect it with some of the best cases available. We suggest a few here.
iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra camera modules.

How to check your IMEI number on iPhone, Android, or PC

Learn how to check your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number in various places on iOS and Android. We give you the lowdown on all the options.
Man at airport with iPhone and airline ticket in hand.

How to add a boarding pass to Apple Wallet on iPhone, Apple Watch

Have an iPhone? Obtaining and storing your boarding pass via Apple Wallet will result in one less item on your to-do list at the airport. Here's how to do it.
apple new york iphone doj passcode

How to reset your Apple password on iPhone or web

Regardless of the device, all Apple users have an Apple ID. This makes knowing the password for your Apple ID critical. Here's how to reset it if you forget it.
how to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

How to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

There are 3 ways to turn off your iPhone's camera sound: turning on Live Photo, flipping the mute switch, or turning down your phone's volume.
Kik Messenger

How to delete your Kik account (temporarily or permanently)

If you're over Kik -- the free, anonymous messaging app -- and intent on parting ways, wave goodbye to the app with our guide on how to delete your account.
Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro held in hand with a wooden gate in the background

How to recover deleted text messages on iPhone

Did you delete text messages on your iPhone that you need to retrieve? Here are a few easy ways to get them back!
Illustration of a Contact Poster on an iPhone

How to restore deleted or missing contacts on your iPhone

Losing a contact stored on your iPhone can be a panic-inducing experience, but a quick trip to iCloud will restore your lost contacts. We show you how to do it.
fcc proposal aims to block ringless spam voicemails iphone on table showing voicemail message waiting indicator

How to set up voicemail and Visual Voicemail on an iPhone

Here's how to set up voicemail on an iPhone so you can view, listen to, and organize your voicemail messages. It takes just a couple of minutes to enable.

How to reverse image search on Android or iPhone

It's easy to find or reverse-search images with Google on your mobile device. We show you how it's done in Android or iPhone, plus a few apps that can help out.

How to use Apple Pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac

Apple Pay liberates you from cash and cards, making payments easier. Here's how to set it up on your iOS, MacOS, or WatchOS device, plus where you can use it.
iPhone XS review

How to turn off Live Photos on an iPhone

Live Photos are three-second videos that take up more space than regular photos. With this guide, we show you have to easily switch them off.
iPhone at the beach feat image.

iPhone overheating? 10 things you can try before calling Apple

If you have an iPhone, and especially an iPhone 15, you might have started to wonder how to make your iPhone stop overheating so often. Here are 10 great ideas.

How to turn off the camera shutter sound on an Android phone

The shutter click on your Android smartphone camera is usually not a problem, but if you prefer silence as you shoot, we show you how to turn off the sound.

iPhone not holding charge? How to replace an iPhone battery

iPhone running slowly? Your battery may need replacing. We take you through how to replace your battery yourself and how to get an Apple-certified replacement.
Woman wearing a Garmin watch.

The 5 best Garmin watches for running, cycling, and more

The Apple Watch isn't the only game in town. For athletes into outdoor sports, Garmin has proven to be a viable alternative. Here are our favorite watches.
Man putting smart wallet in his pocket.

The 12 best smart wallets in 2024

Smart wallets not only ensure a convenient place to store your money but also protect against theft or loss. Here are some of the best smart wallets available.
tile sticker slim mate pro hands on 2019 review 2

The 5 best Bluetooth trackers for 2024

Always losing your keys? You’ll probably want to invest in a Bluetooth tracker. We’ve picked some of the best on the market to help you keep track of things.

The 9 best cell phone plans for 2024

We've gone through all the plans from T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers to help you decide which is the best for your unique needs.
Rebtel Calling

How to find your phone number on iPhone or Android

Ever forget your own mobile phone number? We walk you through the steps of finding your phone number on an iPhone and an Android smartphone.

The best smart pens for note-taking, drawing, and more

Smart pens tend to be a niche item for students and certain professionals with extensive notetaking tasks. If you need a smart pen, we have some suggestions.
wacom cintiq 16hd pen display ces 2019 clintiq lifestyle

The best drawing tablets for beginners and professionals

Whether you're an aspiring artist or a pro, a drawing tablet is part of your toolkit. Here is a sampling of some of the best drawing tablets available today.
Galaxy S22 Ultra in burgandy.

The best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases in 2023: the 15 best ones

If you get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, you'll want to outfit it with a proper protective case. We have some suggestions.
Apple's Fitness app on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The best health and fitness apps for iPhone in 2023: 18 best ones

Getting and staying in shape isn't easy. This comprehensive list presents some of the best iPhone fitness apps that will help you reach your health goals.
smart golf club

The best golf apps for iPhone and Android: 8 best ones in 2023

If you spend hours on the golf course, you need a good golf app. Here are the best golf apps available in 2023 for iPhone and Android!
Drawing with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro (2022).

Best stylus for tablets and computers: 11 you can buy right now

Touchscreen styluses are more popular than ever. Whether you’re an artist creating a masterpiece or a student taking notes, we have the perfect stylus for you.
Installing WhatsApp on a Huawei phone using an APK file.

How to add a contact in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet. Here's how to add your iOS and Android contacts to your WhatsApp list to easily stay in touch.
iPhone in hand with Wi-Fi interface feat image.

How to share a Wi-Fi password on iPhone or iPad

There's an easy way to share your Wi-Fi password with guests without their having to type in a long string of letters, numbers, and symbols. We show you how.
amazon-alexa-on-android feature image

How to use Amazon’s Alexa app on your smartphone

Amazon's Alexa app brings its immensely popular voice search and control features to many Android and iOS phones. We'll show you how to make the most of it.
google maps

How to drop a pin in Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool to help you find your way around. We'll show you how to drop a pin at your preferred destination so you'll never get lost again.
phones for kids

The best phones for kids in 2023

Finding a cell phone for your kid is challenging. Check out our selection of the best phones for kids, so you can find the right device for your child.