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The 9 best cell phone plans for 2024

Shopping for a new cell phone plan can be … a lot. There are numerous carriers to consider, countless plans to look at, and seemingly endless features shoved in your face. Having so much to choose from is great, but it can also become very overwhelming very quickly.

That’s where we come in. We’ve taken a look at all of the cell phone plans available in 2024 and rounded up the best ones right here. No matter your budget or what kind of smartphone you have, these are the best cell phone plans you can get right now.

At a glance

Service Category
T-Mobile Go5G Plus Best unlimited data plan
Verizon Unlimited Plus Best rural service
AT&T Value Plus Best for single-line users
Google Fi Wireless Unlimited Plus Best for Google users
Mint Mobile Unlimited Best value plan
Metro by T-Mobile Best affordable T-Mobile plan
Tello Best custom plans
Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk & Text Best plan for seniors
US Mobile Pooled Plan Best family plan

T-Mobile Go5G Plus

Best unlimited data plan

T-Mobile store.

Why you should buy this: It’s the best unlimited plan you can buy with international service and no data limits. Plus, your third line on any plan is free, making it perfect for small families.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants an unlimited plan, lives in an urban area, or travels internationally a lot.

How much it will cost:

 People  Line cost  Data  Total
1  $90  Unlimited  $90
2  $90 + $60  Unlimited  $150
3 $90 + $60 + $0  Unlimited $150
4 $90 + $60 + $0 +$33  Unlimited  $185
5 $90 + $60 + $0 +$35 + $35  Unlimited  $220

These prices reflect the autopay pricing discount of $5 per line and include taxes and fees.

Read more about T-Mobile’s plans here

Why we picked T-Mobile Go5G Plus:

T-Mobile offers the best unlimited plan of all the carriers. If you’re a real data hog who gobbles up gigabytes of content on a monthly basis, T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus unlimited plan is the best choice for you and your family. You’ll never have to pay for extra data or argue over who used up the last gigabyte — T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus unlimited plan imposes no limits on data usage, so you should get all the high-speed data your heart desires. And since the Go5G Plus plan was just introduced in April 2023, you don’t have to worry about it disappearing any time soon.

Phone calls and texts are unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about running up a huge bill after catching up with an old friend. Wi-Fi calling is also included, and you’ll get a free Netflix standard subscription to enjoy your favorite shows on up to two devices at a time as long as you go for a two-line plan. Not a fan of Netflix? You also get Apple TV+ included, with 4K UHD video quality, plus a free 2023 MLS Season Pass subscription. That’s over $300 in entertainment value, and these aren’t limited-time trial offers; as a season pass, the MLS subscription is only valid for the 2023 season, but you’ll have access to Netflix and Apple TV+ for the life of your Go5G Plus plan.

Travelers will also be glad to know you get free in-flight Wi-Fi on select flights, and you only have to pay $0.25 per minute for calling in more than 200 countries. Texting and data remain unlimited in these destinations, so you can chat and stream as much as you want, no matter where you are. However, the speed will be limited to 256Kbps, except when you’re in Mexico and Canada, where you’ll still get 5G speeds — and now up to 15GB of roaming data to use while you’re there.

Verizon Unlimited Plus

Best rural service

verizon-store logo.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why you should buy this: Verizon offers the best coverage in rural areas across the U.S. — and it’s working on making it even better. Simply put, its Unlimited Plus plan has everything you could ask for.

Who it’s for: Anyone who lives in rural America where AT&T and T-Mobile don’t work nearly as well.

How much it will cost:

People Line cost Data
1 $80 Unlimited $80
2 $70 x 2 Unlimited $140
3 $55 x 3 Unlimited $165
4 $45 x 4 Unlimited $180
5 $42 x 5 Unlimited $210

Prices include $10-per-month savings per line when you sign up for paper-free billing and autopay.

Read more about Verizon’s plans here

Why we picked Verizon Unlimited Plus:

Verizon offers the best service in rural areas across the country. If you live in the boonies where T-Mobile and AT&T don’t reach, then Verizon is your best bet for reliable coverage. The carrier’s Unlimited Plus plan is expensive, but offers access to Verizon’s fastest 5G Ultra Wideband (5G UW) network with unlimited mobile data, plus 30GB of premium mobile hotspot data.

While folks who want a lot of perks can still opt for Verizon’s pricier 5G Get More plan, its newest myPlans are a better way to go as you can pick the perks you want rather than paying for what Verizon thinks you’ll want. Those who just want fast and reliable 5G coverage can stick with the base Unlimited Plus plan, but if you want some perks bundled in, you can now choose those “à la carte” in the form of a collection of $10-per-month add-on packages.

For example, $10 more per month could get you a subscription to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, giving you plenty of entertainment options to choose from. Or, if you’re in a family of iPhone fans, you can get an Apple One bundle instead for the same $10 price — which offers Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+ with 50GB of storage. Other add-ons include a Walmart+ Membership that includes the Paramount+ streaming service, an Apple Music Family Plan that can be shared with five other family members, and a three-day TravelPass that gives you unlimited texting, calling, and data to use in over 210 countries for three 24-hour periods each month, which can roll over for up to 36 days per year.

If you’re looking to save a bit and don’t need access to Verizon’s fastest 5G service, you can opt for the Unlimited Welcome plan instead, which is $15-per-line less across the board, starting at $65 per month for a single line and dropping to $27 per line per month for five or more. This omits the 30GB of hotspot data and limits you to Verizon’s slower 5G Nationwide service, but that won’t be a problem if the faster 5G UW network isn’t available where you live and work anyway.

AT&T Value Plus plan

Best plan for single-line users

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why you should buy this: AT&T offers reliable coverage across the U.S. and a strong phone selection.

Who it’s for: Single-line users who want cheaper plans with unlimited data.

How much it will cost: $50 for one line; $40 if you enable autopay.

Read more about AT&T’s plans here

Why we picked the AT&T Value Plus plan: 

Most phone plans tend to be expensive if you buy a single line, but the price goes down the more lines you add. As we saw above, even Verizon’s cheapest plan costs $65 for a single line but just $25 each for five lines. This kind of pricing offers great discounts for families but ends up penalizing individuals who only need one line. Fortunately, the AT&T Value Plus plan offers a straightforward and affordable $50 plan for those single-line users, which drops to $40/month if you’re willing to sign up for paperless billing and AutoPay.

Customers get unlimited calling, texting, and data usage throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. If you have international friends, you also get unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 200 countries, so you can keep in touch with everyone without burning a hole in your pocket. You can enjoy 5G service if your device supports it, but streaming will be limited to SD quality.

The downside is you’ll have to either switch plans or set up a new account if you want to add members, as this plan is good for one line only. If you decide to expand your family, you can choose AT&T’s Unlimited Starter Plan, which starts at $65 for one line and goes down to $30 each for five lines. If you want faster speeds and more quality streaming, go for the AT&T Unlimited Premium plan, which is more expensive but offers 50GB of high-speed data and 4K UHD streaming.

Google Fi Wireless Unlimited Plus

Best for Google users

Google headquarters logo.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why you should buy this: Google is a well-known name in the tech world, and it offers a flexible and affordable plan.

Who it’s for: Users who regularly use Google services and want a reliable plan on a tight budget.

How much it will cost:

People Line cost Data
1 $65 50 GB 5G/4G

Unlimited at lower speeds

2 $55 x 2 50 GB 5G/4G

Unlimited at lower speeds

3 $45 x 3 50 GB 5G/4G

Unlimited at lower speeds

4+ $40 each 50 GB 5G/4G

Unlimited at lower speeds

$160 (+$40 per additional line)

Read more about Google’s plans here

Why we picked the Google Fi Wireless Unlimited Plus plan: 

Google Fi Wireless offers three plans: Simply Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and Flexible. The Unlimited Plus plan is the most expensive among the three, but it’s still cheaper than most other cell phone plans we reviewed. Along with being easy on the budget, the plan offers unlimited data in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. You can enjoy fast 5G speeds up to 50GB, after which you can continue using unlimited data but at slower speeds. One of the biggest bonuses is that you get 100GB of cloud storage with Google One, which provides nice additional value for regular Google users. You also get a free year of YouTube Premium.

The plan also has some benefits for travelers. Users enjoy free, unlimited calling from the U.S. to over 50 destinations, while data remains unlimited in over 200 countries and regions. You will have to pay for any calls you make from outside the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, but these are cheap at $0.20 a minute, and texts remain free regardless of where you are. Several phones are designed to work with Google Fi Wireless, and using these gives you even better coverage. Some of these include popular models from Samsung, Motorola, and of course, Google’s Pixel lineup — including the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

The biggest downside is this plan isn’t ideal for non-Google users. While Google Fi Wireless officially works with the iPhone, it’s not as seamless as using it with a modern Android device. Plus, if you don’t use Google One, you won’t benefit from the included storage bonus. This is really a plan for users deep in the Google ecosystem, although the international data and calling perks may appeal to frequent travelers.

Mint Mobile Unlimited

Best value plan

Mint Mobile Unlimited plan.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why you should buy this: Mint Mobile offers some of the most affordable unlimited data plans in the market.

Who it’s for: Students and users on a budget.

How much it will cost: 

One-year subscription $30 a month $360
Six-month subscription $35 a month $210
Three-month subscription $40 a month $120

New customers get a three-month trial for $30 a month ($90 total) and a seven-day money-back guarantee, where the company will refund your money if you cancel the service within seven days of activation.

Read more about Mint Mobile plans here

Why we picked the Mint Mobile Unlimited plan: 

Users on a budget shouldn’t have to settle for poor data plans. The Mint Mobile Unlimited plan offers everything you would need from a cellphone data plan but at a much cheaper price. You get 35GB of high-speed 5G data and unlimited lower-speed data thereafter. Calling and texting are free, and you can make free international calls to Mexico and Canada. The plan also offers Wi-Fi calling and texting if that’s something you prefer.

If you want to share your plan with your family, you can get the Mint Family plan, which lets you buy individual lines with custom plans for each user. This way, you don’t have to pay extra for all devices when only one person uses more data. Just buy the more expensive plan for the data hog, and the rest of the members can use the other, more affordable plans. The plans are available for both devices with a physical sim card and eSIM, including eSIM-only devices like the iPhone 14.

Metro by T-Mobile

Best affordable T-Mobile plan

 Metro by T-Mobile announcement.
Why you should buy this: It’s a budget-friendly alternative to T-Mobile’s expensive plans.

Who it’s for: Users looking for a T-Mobile plan with fancy features at a cheaper price.

How much it will cost: 

Package one Package two Package three
Single line $40 $50 $60
Two lines $80 $80 $90
Three lines $90 $110 $120
Four lines $100 $140 $150
Five lines $125 $170 $180

You can get multiple lines for even less when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile in a store rather than on the internet. Some of these savings are pretty significant and can rise to as much as 50% less on four or five lines on the most expensive package. In addition, those in the Affordable Connectivity Program can get packages for as low as $10 a month.

Read more about Metro by T-Mobile plans here

Why we picked the Metro by T-Mobile plan: 

The Metro by T-Mobile plan uses T-Mobile’s 5G network to give users unlimited high-speed data. However, if you use more than 35GB per month, you may experience some throttling to prioritize high-speed data for customers on T-Mobile’s mainstream plans. You’re eligible to get free protection on the ScamShield app, though, and get access to exclusive deals on the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. The more expensive plans offer more benefits like Amazon Prime membership, ViX+ subscription, and 100GB of Google One storage, but if you want to save money, you can skip these extras and still enjoy the same high-speed data.

If you’re switching to Metro from a different carrier, you can get up to four lines for $25 each, using a 5G network, making it one of the best switching deals. Plus, all taxes and fees are included in the prices.


Best custom plans

Tello x Digital Trends featured image with prepaid cards.

Why you should buy this: Build your own custom plan and only pay for the features you’ll actually use.

Who it’s for: People who want premium phone service without the hefty price tag.

How much it will cost: Prices are flexible depending on the add-ons you choose. The company also offers fixed plans:

1GB Unlimited Mins | Free Texting Unlimited 2G-speed data $10
2GB Unlimited Mins | Free Texting Unlimited 2G-speed data $14
5GB Unlimited Mins | Free Texting Unlimited 2G-speed data $19
10GB Unlimited Mins | Free Texting Unlimited 2G-speed data $24


Unlimited Mins | Free Texting Unlimited 2G-speed data $29

Read more about Tello plans here

Why we picked Tello:

Every user has different data usage habits. Maybe you spend a lot of time calling but hardly use mobile data. Or maybe you like to refresh your social feed every few minutes to use as much data as possible? Either way, Tello lets you build your data plans to suit your preferences. You’ve never seen this kind of customization for wireless plans before. You can choose how much talk time you want or how much data you’ll use. You can also upgrade to unlimited everything if that’s more your style. It’s not just about creating the perfect wireless plan for you, it’s also about reliable phone service — without those hefty price tags the bigger carriers usually dole out.

Freebies included with every Tello plan, by default, are free hotspot access, Wi-Fi calling support, unlimited texts, international calls to over 60 countries, and eSIM functionality. is an instant way to activate your service, with no delivery times, and no added charges. You only need a compatible phone and you can start using Tello’s service right away, so you can use the phone(s) you already have. To set it up, just choose a Tello plan that works for you, select the eSIM option at checkout, place the order, and you’ll get an activation QR code that you can use to connect to your new account and service.

If building your own plan seems like a hassle, Tello also has readymade plans you can pick from. All these plans offer unlimited calling and texting, but the data is limited to the specified amounts for each plan, and it’s worth mentioning that the most expensive “unlimited” plan is a bit misleading; it actually has a 25GB cap for normal data use and a 5GB limit for hotspot and tethering data.

All of the plans are throttled down to 2G speeds once you reach your data limit, which is fine for email and basic surfing, but definitely too slow for high-quality streaming and gaming. However, there are no data limits beyond that threshold, so you’ll be able to use as much low-speed data as you need without worrying about being cut off or charged extra. As a bonus, you can also make free calls to international countries like India, China, and Mexico, as well as free landline calls to other destinations like Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, and Russia.

Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk and Text

Best plan for seniors

Consumer Cellular display.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why you should buy this: It’s a reliable plan with extra discounts for seniors.

Who it’s for: Seniors, especially AARP members.

How much it will cost:

 People 1GB of data 10GB of data Unlimited* data
1  $20 $35 $50
2  $35 $50 $65
3 $50 $65 $80

Consumer Cellular has many more pricing options depending on how much data you need and how many lines you’re buying.

Read more about Consumer Cellular plans here

Why we picked the Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk And Text plan:

AARP members get 5% monthly discounts on the Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk And Text plan, making it ideal for seniors. Each plan offers 5G service and unlimited texting and calling, as the name suggests. AARP members also get a 45-day trial to see if the service is right for them. Switching between plans is easy, and you can buy the AARP membership right during checkout.

The unlimited data plan offers 50GB of high-speed data, after which you’ll be throttled to lower speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle. If you opt for a 1GB, 10GB, or another limited-data plan, you’ll be automatically bumped up to the next tier if you exceed your usage (rather than being billed overage charges).

The company also has its own phones, specially designed for seniors, which are easy to operate, sturdy, and simpler than the fanciest smartphones. This way, you get the complete package for seniors. If you don’t use data too often, you can also get the $14 unlimited talk plan, which gives you unlimited calling across the U.S.

US Mobile Pooled Plan

Best family plan

US Mobile cartoon characters.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why you should buy this: US Mobile lets you customize the plan based on your family size and data needs. You can even share the data with your friends.

Who it’s for: Families and groups of friends who want to share data plans.

How much it will cost: $9 per line and $2 per GB.

Read more about US Mobile plans here

Why we picked the US Mobile Pooled Plan: 

Sometimes your family size changes, and you need a custom plan to accommodate evolving data needs. The US Mobile Pooled Plan is perfect for this. Whether you’re sharing data with family members or friends, you get to customize how much data you need and how many lines you want to pay for. At just $9 a line and $2 for 2GB of data, everything is pretty affordable, even for larger groups. At this price, you get 5G access and Wi-Fi calling, making it ideal for both entertainment and those long phone calls without interruption.

The best part is that you can add as much data as you want and as many lines as you want, depending on your budget and group size. Changing plans is just as easy, so you never have to pay for data you aren’t using. You get analytics to see how much data you’re using so you can adjust your plans accordingly. You can also experiment with a 10-day free trial to see if you like the service.

Other things to consider

How much data do you need?

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll have to make when choosing a carrier plan is the amount of data you will need.

To determine how much data you need, consider two factors: the number of people in your family plan and how much data you think each will use. If you and your family rarely use mobile data when you’re away from a Wi-Fi network, you might want to buy less data. If you or your kids like to stream movies over the mobile network, browse the internet for hours, check your email 95,000 times a day, and live-tweet your day, you’ll want a huge chunk of data.

Lines Light data use Medium data use Heavy data use
1 2GB 4GB 8GB
2 4GB 8GB 16GB
3 6GB 12GB 24GB
4 8GB 16GB 32GB
5 10GB 20GB 40GB

Unlocked versus locked: How to buy your phone

When you buy a phone from your carrier, it’s locked to their network. You’re locked into the carrier’s payment plan. If you want the freedom to switch carriers at any point in time, you should buy your phone unlocked directly from the company that made it. Not all smartphone makers offer unlocked phones, but it’s becoming a lot more common. Some companies like ZTE and Apple even offer payment installment plans, so you can buy your phone in small payments just like you would at a carrier.

We recommend buying unlocked because the phone will be yours whether you switch carriers or not. You’ll also avoid bloatware and annoying carrier apps, and if your phone runs Android, you’ll likely get more timely software updates.

How to switch carriers

Switching carriers can be tough, but a lot of companies are offering attractive discounts if you switch. For example, the Metro plan offers a 5G network for $25 per line, only for new customers ready to switch carriers. Each carrier may have a slightly different switching process, so we’ve written a whole guide to help you make the switch.

How we chose the best plans

We start by checking out all the promotions, phones, and plans offered by the biggest carriers in the United States. After we work out the main benefits of each plan, we sift through the fine print to check for any catches. If something isn’t clear, we contact the press representative from the carrier for clarification. We look for special features and perks that are unique to the carriers, and we weigh that in our decision along with price and availability.

Not all carriers work in all areas, so we make sure to highlight where each carrier works the best. For example, T-Mobile excels in cities, while Verizon and AT&T are specialists in rural areas. We’ve personally used these networks, so we can verify coverage claims in the areas we travel.

We also look at prepaid plans and plans from smaller carriers that base their networks on the big carriers’ networks to see what they offer. Finally, details like the clarity and ease of use on a website or the kindness of customer service representatives also factor into our decisions. After all, we’re putting you first.

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