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Everything you need to know about From season 3

Harold Perrineau and Avery Konrad in From.
MGM Television

MGM+ subscribers are ahead of the curve with From, a sci-fi/horror series that follows the people who have been trapped in a small town in Middle America that will literally not let them leave. There are even monsters that come out at night to hunt people for sport, and the human survivors have largely split into two factions: the Township and Colony House. But there’s one thing that almost everyone in the town wants, and that’s a way to escape once and for all.

From is headlined by Harold Perrineau, an actor who knows a thing or two about playing a single father who is cut off from the rest of the world after his stint on Lost. On this series, Perrineau plays Boyd Stevens, the father of Ellis Stevens (Corteon Moore) and the closest thing that the town has to both a sheriff and a mayor. Boyd also has plenty of inner demons to contend with in addition the creatures lurking inside and outside of the town.

Diehard fans of From have been hyping up the series ahead of its return for season 3. But for newcomers and veterans alike, we’ve put together this guide to everything you need to know about From season 3. And as soon as we know more, we’ll share it here as well.

Has From season 3 begun filming?

Yes. Harold Perrineau confirmed that the third season was filming at the end of December.

We started filming Season 3….
So I think you’re good 👍🏾 #FROMily@FROMonMGM

— Harold Perrineau (@HaroldPerrineau) December 29, 2023

So far, Perrineau hasn’t shared an update about whether filming has been completed. But he has actively promoted the show on social media.

The official From account on the social media service formerly known as Twitter hasn’t had much new in 2024. The account did share this image of one of the protective talismans back in February in response to, of all things, the announcement of a new Taylor Swift album.


— FROM on MGM+ (@FROMonMGM) February 5, 2024

What will happen in From season 3?

This show makes it difficult to predict what will happen next, but the season 2 finale did end on a pretty big cliffhanger. Tabitha is back in the outside world, and that opens up a lot of possibilities. Will she try to warn people about the town? Does she feel obligated to rescue the people that she left behind? And more importantly, can she find the town again without getting trapped herself? Having Tabitha outside of the town also offers the show a chance to reveal whether the disappearance of the various characters who are trapped in the town has been noticed or investigated by the people they knew and loved.

Meanwhile, back in the town, Boyd was warned that fighting the entity would just prolong everyone’s suffering, but he did it anyway. Presumably, there will be consequences for disregarding that warning.

Who’s coming back for From season 3?

People stand outside a diner in From season 2.

In addition to Perrineau and Moore, the following performers are likely to return for From season 3.

  • Catalina Sandino Moreno as Tabitha Matthews
  • Eion Bailey as Jim Matthews
  • Avery Konrad as Sara Myers
  • David Alpay as Jade Herrera
  • Elizabeth Saunders as Donna Raines
  • Scott McCord as Victor
  • Ricky He as Kenny Liu
  • Chloe Van Landschoot as Kristi Miller
  • Pegah Ghafoori as Fatima Hassan
  • Hannah Cheramy as Julie Matthews
  • Simon Webster as Ethan Matthews

Curiously, there haven’t been any major casting announcements for From season 3, even though filming has already begun.

Is there a trailer for From season 3?

No, not yet. The season is still filming, but once they get enough footage, chances are, the first trailer for From should be out soon.

When will From season 3 premiere?

A man stands outside a diner in From.

The third season of From was announced in June 2023, with an estimated premiere in 2024. However, the writer’s and actors’ strikes of 2023 may have disrupted those plans. As far as we know, a 2024 premiere for From season 3 is still on the table. We just don’t have any more specifics beyond that.

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