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3 dramas on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in March

A woman sits in a car in A Good Person.

The best dramas are intriguing with a compelling story that draws you in through the entire duration of the movie. You’ll also find great casts and visuals that combine to make them enthralling, exciting, and sometimes even thought-provoking.

If you’re looking for something that fits the bill, check out these three dramas on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in March. You can access them with a base Amazon Prime subscription. If you opted for the ad-free version, watch each movie the entire way through without commercial breaks as well.

Marlowe (2023)

MARLOWE | Official Trailer | Only In Theatres - February 15

Liam Neeson and action movies go hand in hand, but he’s just as captivating in this 1939-set neo-noir crime thriller mystery drama. Based on the John Banville novel The Black-Eyed Blonde, Marlowe is about private detective Philip Marlowe (Neeson) hired by an heiress to help find her missing lover. When Marlowe discovers that the man is dead, the investigation takes some twists and turns.

Also starring Diane Kruger, Jessica Lange, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Alan Cumming, Marlowe wasn’t well received by critics, though a few have pointed out its positives. Sandra Hall of the Sydney Morning Herald calls the movie a “deluxe nostalgia trip guided by a director who really knows his way around the genre.” (The movie is directed by Neil Patrick Jordan, known for films like The Crying Game and Interview with the Vampire). Don’t expect the Neeson you know from movies like Taken, but it’s a softer portrayal that proves the actor’s versatility in bringing the intensity down a few notches still commanding the screen.

Stream Marlowe on Prime Video.

A Good Person (2023)

Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh in A Good Person.

Florence Pugh currently stars in the box office hit Dune: Part Two, but she’s also impressing audiences on the small screen with her lead performance in A Good Person, a neglected drama from 2023. Scrubs star Zach Braff wrote and directed the film, in which Pugh plays Allison, a woman who was once engaged to her high school boyfriend, Nathan (Chinaza Uche). But shortly after her engagement, Allison causes a car accident that claims the lives of Nathan’s sister, Molly (Nichelle Hines), and her husband, Jesse (Toby Onwumere).

One year later, Allison is attempting to kick her addiction to painkillers when she reunites with Nathan and Molly’s father, Daniel (Morgan Freeman). As Daniel attempts to forgive Allison, they reenter each other’s lives, and she tries to make amends with Ryan (Celeste O’Connor), the daughter that Molly and Jesse left behind. It sounds complicated, but the movie is accessible, and both Pugh and Freeman are great when they share the screen together.

A Good Person is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Deadland (2023)

Deadland Trailer #1 (2023)

U.S. Border agent Angel Waters (Roberto Urbina) gets himself in hot water in Deadland when an immigrant on the brink of death dies while at a remote border outpost. Waters and two of his fellow agents secretly bury the man’s body in the desert, but the strange and sinister-looking man seems to keep coming back, haunting the men who can’t seem to get rid of the body or their guilt.

The bone-chilling drama follows Waters as he deals with this traumatizing situation and the questions that keep coming. He comes to a realization that the divisions between the two sides of the border aren’t quite as distinct and simple to delineate as he thought, both physically and emotionally. Deadland will spark conversation as you try to decipher the deeper meaning behind the captivating, not to mention topical, plot.

Stream Deadland on Prime Video.

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