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Monica J. White

Monica J. White

Computing Writer

Monica is a UK-based freelance writer and self-proclaimed geek. A firm believer in the "PC building is just like expensive Legos" philosophy, Monica loves to play around with different builds - if not in reality, then at least on one of her several wishlists. If she's not currently neck-deep in Google Docs or elbow-deep in her PC case, she's most likely spending the day gaming or hanging out with her dog.


A demo of AMD GPU work graphs featuring in-game scenery including a castle and a town.

AMD is making the CPU more and more obsolete in gaming

AMD just shared a demo of Work Graphs with the additions of draw calls and mesh nodes, and the results are impressive.
The Asus ROG NUC on a desk surrounded by three monitors.

We finally know the price of Asus’ most powerful gaming NUC

The first listing for the upcoming Asus ROG NUC mini PC was spotted at a German retailer. Spoiler alert: It's not cheap.
A hand holding AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor.

Nice try, Intel, but AMD 3D V-Cache chips still win

Intel's Core i9-14900KS is the best that the lineup has to offer, but how does it match up against AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X3D?
A gaming PC on a carpeted floor.

How buying the wrong gaming PC can go horribly wrong

Prebuilt PCs have their merits, but buying the wrong one can end in disaster. Here are some of the worst ones I've dealt with over the years.
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

Intel just launched the ‘world’s fastest’ CPU

Intel just announced the release of its best processor to date, and it's already available.
Intel Core i5-14600K processor inside its socket.

Here’s a shocking reminder of just how far ahead Intel is in race with AMD

A new market report reveals the vast difference in CPU shipments between Intel, AMD, and Apple.
RTX 4070 seen from the side.

Nvidia RTX 50-series graphics cards: news, release date, price, and more

Nvidia's upcoming RTX 50-series graphics cards are undoubtedly going to rival some of the best GPUs. Here's what we know about them.
Lenovo Legion Tower 7i gaming PC sitting on a table.

Prebuilt vs. custom PC: How to know which is right for you

Should you buy a prebuilt PC or a custom computer to put together yourself? We'll explore the pros and cons and help you decide.
Three Gigabyte Aorus monitors over a colorful background.

Gigabyte just upped its OLED monitor game

Gigabyte's upcoming lineup of QD-OLED monitors just received an update that will help them compete against models from MSI and Asus.
Playing games with GeForce Now on a laptop.

Nvidia just made GeForce Now so much better

Nvidia has just boosted GeForce Now with variable refresh rates, and it'll even work on a Mac. That's not all -- you can finally try it out for cheap.
Two monitors with AMD FreeSync over a dark background.

AMD is finally taking FreeSync to the next level

AMD just announced some much-needed changes to its FreeSync requirements, effectively setting a new standard for gaming monitors.
AMD's RX 7700 XT in a test bench.

AMD’s GPUs had a bigger year in 2023 than you might realize

GPU shipments are on a steady rise, and one of the manufacturers is seeing much more significant gains than the other two.
Frank Azor presenting at AMD's RDNA 3 launch event.

AMD finally has a strategy to beat Nvidia’s DLSS

A recent teaser from AMD's CTO tells us that we might see AI-powered upscaling in the near future.
Corsair DDR5 RAM inside a PC.

If you’re still gaming on 16GB of RAM, you’re missing out

If you're still on the fence about making the jump to 32GB RAM on your gaming PC, the time has come.
Steam Deck over a pink background.

Nvidia is reportedly ‘worried that it’s missing the boat’

Nvidia has completely neglected the gaming handheld market, which is where AMD absolutely dominates -- but that might not be the case for long.
Two LG UltraGear monitors on a desk, seen from the side.

I finally stopped neglecting my second monitor, and you should too

I'm a fan of dual-monitor setups, but I recently realized that I've been doing it all wrong.
Three RTX 4080 cards sitting on a pink background.

Microsoft might end one of the most annoying GPU wars

Upscaling solutions from all three GPU vendors have to be supported separately by each game, but Microsoft aims to change that.
A tray of Intel Core Ultra CPUs.

Intel just boosted gaming performance by up to 155%

Intel's driver updates strike again, this time with a performance boost of up to 155% in some games.
Windows 11 updates are moving to once a year.

Microsoft may fix the most frustrating thing about Windows updates

There's one thing that's almost universally annoying to Windows users, and Microsoft might be about to fix it -- to an extent.
AMD RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT graphics cards.

AMD RDNA 4: Everything we know about the RX 8000 series

AMD's next-gen RDNA 4 graphics cards are coming soon, but they're still shrouded in mystery. Here's everything we know about RDNA 4.
Laptop with the Avast website.

It’s time to stop trusting your antivirus software

Antivirus software appears to be some of the most trustworthy, but Avast shows that may not always be the case.
The MSI MPG 321URX gaming monitor.

MSI is getting slammed on Reddit for a controversial monitor decision

Even if you've paid close to $1,000 for one of MSI's gaming monitors, you may not be able to get firmware updates.
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger stands in front of a blue and purple background.

One of the great rivalries in PCs could collapse

According to Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, one of the greatest rivalries in computing might be coming to a surprising end.
A screenshot of the Nvidia app.

Nvidia is replacing its crusty, Windows XP-era app with something much better

Nvidia has just announced the release of the Nvidia App, and it can't get here soon enough.
Intel Core i9-13900K held between fingertips.

Intel CPU gaming crashes are causing an uproar

Many users are reporting issues with crashes in games on Intel's top CPUs, including the Core i9-14900k.
Intel Arc A580 graphics card on a pink background.

How Intel could win the GPU war this year

Although dark clouds loom over the future of Intel's discrete GPUs, Arc Battlemage could end up being one of the best GPUs of the year.
An AI image portraying two mammoths that walk through snow, with mountains and a forest in the background.

OpenAI’s new AI-made videos are blowing people’s minds

OpenAI just debuted a new type of generative AI. Sora, a text-to-video model, might be its most impressive achievement to date.
An Alienware m16 gaming laptop in use on a desk, playing Baldur's Gate III.

It’s the right time to buy an older gaming laptop

If you need a gaming laptop, now is the time to go for it and buy one. Here's why.
A man sits, using a laptop running the Windows 11 operating system.

A new Windows 11 hardware system requirement may be incoming

The upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update will now make it impossible to run the OS on an old PC.
Person using Windows 11 laptop on their lap by the window.

Windows 11 will use AI to automatically upscale games

Microsoft may be adding its own super resolution tech to the next big Windows 11 update. The feature was spotted in a Windows Insider build.
The RTX 4070 Super on a pink background.

Why I’m feeling hopeful about Nvidia’s RTX 50-series GPUs

Nvidia made some mistakes with the RTX 40-series, but its latest moves are making me hopeful.
Melted 12VHPWR connector made by CableMod for the RTX 4090.

CableMod’s adapters damaged up to $74K worth of Nvidia GPUs

CableMod adapters were meant to fix the issue of Nvidia GPUs melting, but unfortunately, they're now being recalled.
The Nvidia RTX 4080 Super on a pink background.

Nvidia just fixed a major issue with its GPUs

Nvidia's latest driver is an unusual one, but it's one that many GPU owners might want to get as soon as possible.
The AMD Ryzen 7 5700 propped up against an action figure.

AMD’s new CPU slammed as ‘anti-consumer at best’

AMD's new-but-not-really-new CPU, the Ryzen 7 5700, may be little more than a misleading chip that you'd be better off avoiding.