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Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Senior Mobile Writer

Andy is a Senior Writer at Digital Trends, where he concentrates on mobile technology, a subject he has written about for almost a decade. During that time he has seen the evolution from 2G to 5G, reviewed dozens of smartphones, worn dozens of smartwatches (not at the same time), and visited many manufacturers and events all over the world. A multi-year veteran of Mobile World Congress, CES, IFA, and Baselworld trade shows, Andy always has a strong opinion on the mobile industry, and is excited about its future.

A person holding the Nuu B30 Pro.

I thought I’d hate this cheap Android phone. It proved me wrong

I wasn't expecting much from the Nuu B30 Pro before I got it out the box, but once it was in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised. Here's what you get for $300.
what they dont tell you about wearing a camera on your face dt outtafocus

What they don’t tell you about wearing a camera on your face

We're all used to taking photos with our phones. But what about using a camera that's strapped to your face? It's unique, weird, and wonderful.
A person wearing the Circular Ring Slim.

I’ve reviewed smart rings for years. This is the worst one I’ve ever used

The Circular Ring Slim is another smart ring challenger, but is it worth wearing instead of the Oura Ring, which is currently the best you can get?
The back of the Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra.

I reviewed an Android phone that simply doesn’t make any sense

The Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra is a decent smartphone, but answering the question of whether you should buy it isn't straightforward, as our review explains.
A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 9.

8 watches you should buy instead of an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is brilliant, but there are also excellent alternatives to consider. Here are eight watches you should buy instead of an Apple Watch.
A person wearing Ray-Ban Meta smartglasses.

I’m replacing my normal glasses with smart glasses. Here’s why

I'm going to try living day-to-day with the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses instead of my regular non-smart glasses. Here's why, and what I hope to learn.
A person holding an iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Casetify x Le Sserafim case.

I said I wouldn’t do this to my iPhone, but did it anyway

I said I wouldn't use a case on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, but something happened that has seen me go back on my word.
Close up of the Samsung Galaxy A55 in yellow.

Samsung’s cheap Galaxy S24 alternative is seriously tempting

If the Samsung Galaxy S24 is just a bit too expensive to justify, Samsung's new Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 could be for you. Here are all the details.
A person wearing a Shure MoveMic microphone.

I reviewed a tiny gadget that could help launch your YouTube career

Eager to get started on YouTube? Shure has launched the MoveMic wireless microphone system for smartphones, which could be what you need. We've reviewed it.
The back of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: the best Ultra ever, and a must buy

Samsung may not have changed the look of the Galaxy S24 Ultra much, but everything else has been given a massive upgrade. Prepare for a very positive review.
The T Phone running a demo of

I’ve seen the future of smartphones, and it’s astonishing

Unlocking your phone and using apps to get things done may become a thing of the past, and an intelligent AI may do everything from the lock screen.
A person holding the Nothing Phone 2a, showing the Glyph Lights.

The Nothing Phone 2a is the best cheap phone I’ve reviewed in ages

The Nothing Phone 2a's design and price will grab your attention, but will the phone hold it if you buy one? We've found out in our in-depth review.
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Vivo X100 Pro phones, seen from the back.

A phone you haven’t heard of just beat the Galaxy S24 Ultra in a camera test

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has met its match in telephoto photography, but you may not have heard of the phone that beats it. Our comparison reveals all.
Motorola's concept folding phone.

MWC 2024 was weird, and I couldn’t be happier about it

MWC 2024 was full of weird and wonderful concepts and production-ready products, showing the trends for mobile this year are going to be anything but boring.
MWC 24 Awards Feature Image

Top tech of MWC 2024

Mobile World Congress 2024 has been packed with exciting new products, and it was tough choosing the best. Here are our six top picks from the show.
The back of the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus.

Is this cheap Android phone better than the Galaxy S24? I found out

Is the reasonably priced Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus really a better buy than a flagship phone? No, but the reason why is not all about the specification.
Concept images of HMD Fusion Smart Outfits.

This company has big plans to change smartphone design forever

A new name in mobile has an ambitious plan to make modular phones work, from repairability to add-on modules. We spoke to HMD at MWC 2024 to learn more.
The Nokia G11's camera module.

Ignore the rumors — this iconic phone brand isn’t going away

Rumors suggested the Nokia name was set to disappear. HMD Global has clarified the situation, and it's good news.
A promotional image for the Barbie x HMD Global phone.

A Barbie phone really is coming this summer, but it’s not what you expect

A partnership between HMD Global, maker of Nokia phones, and Mattel will see a Barbie Flip Phone launch this year. And we spoke to the company about it.
A person holding the Tecno Pova 6 Pro.

I used one of the most ridiculous Android phones of 2024

This is the Tecno Pova 6 Pro, and I spent the weekend using it. From the crazy battery life to some flashing lights, it's one of 2024's wildest Android phones.
A close up of the Xiaomi Watch S3's face and bezel.

Xiaomi’s newest smartwatch has a super-unusual feature

Xiaomi just announced a new smartwatch at MWC 2024 — and it has a very unusual (and equally cool) feature you have to see.
A person wearing the Oura Ring and the RingConn Smart Ring.

There’s a big problem with smart rings

Smart rings are really exciting new products, but the boring, predictable names being used for them are not. Here's what needs to be done.
Leaked renders of the Nothing Phone 2a's design.

This is the Nothing Phone 2a

A series of renders apparently showing the Nothing Phone 2a have been leaked, and Digital Trends has confirmed they are genuine.
The Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 x Malbon Golf watch surrounded by golf balls.

This $2,350 smartwatch has one of the funkiest designs I’ve ever seen

Tag Heuer has teamed up with golf brand Malbon Golf to create a funky smartwatch that's sure to attract some attention out on the golf course.
Various smart rings together on a table.

I’ve worn a smart ring for years. You need to know these things before buying one

The choice of smart rings is growing, and these cool, stylish health trackers are very tempting. Here are the things you need to know before buying one.
Image showing the internal structure of the Nothing Phone 2a, provided by Nothing to Digital Trends

Nothing told us some big secrets about the Nothing Phone 2a

In an exclusive Q&A with Digital Trends, Nothing CEO Carl Pei reveals some exciting secrets about the forthcoming Nothing Phone 2a to whet your appetite.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Google Pixel 8 Pro.

I did a Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. Pixel 8 Pro camera test. It’s not even close

Find out what happened when we put the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra against the Google Pixel 8 Pro in this big camera comparison.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

I love the Google Pixel 8 Pro — except for one thing

I really like the Google Pixel 8 Pro. It's a splendid phone with great cameras, clean software, and more. But something about it is really bothering me.
A person wearing the Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring showed me how months of stress destroyed my sleep

The Oura Ring showed me how stress ruined my sleep, and prompted me to take action. It also made me realize too much data isn't always a good thing.
The Apple Watch Series 8 and Galaxy Watch 5.

The best smartwatches in 2024: our 13 favorites

Smartwatches offer notifications, fitness tracking, and more. Choosing one is the hard part, so to help, here is our list of the best smartwatches in 2024.
The Oura Ring and the RingConn Smart Ring.

I wore two of the best smart rings, and there’s a clear winner

The Oura Ring and RingConn Smart Ring are two of the biggest smart rings on the market. Which one should you buy? I wore both to find out.
A person wearing the Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.

I tested G-Shock’s new Apple Watch Ultra killer — and it’s great

The new G-Shock Rangeman takes on smartwatches like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 by excelling at being a smartwatch you don't always have to wear. Let me explain.
Casey Neistat wearing an Apple Vision Pro in a store in New York City.

Please stop wearing your Apple Vision Pro outside

If these early days of the Apple Vision Pro headset have shown us anything, it's that this is a device made for the inside, not the outside.
A person wearing the RingConn Smart Ring.

Is this cheaper Oura Ring alternative any good? I reviewed it to find out

Want to make sure you aren't conned by the RingConn Smart Ring? Our in-depth review tells you all there is to know about the Oura Ring alternative.